Fall 2014 Season Home Stretch; Sunday Premier Playoff Picture & Saturday Promotion Race

USASA National Cups Registration NOW OPEN through December 13th

The Fall regular season is close to wrapping up! With a couple games left to play, the Premier Division's playoffs are set, with just seeding remaining. Yinz, Aegean Hawks (current title holders), Fighting BOBs, and Soccerdome have all qualified for postseason play. The League Cup is named after former league player Helge Boes whose life was cut short in Afghanistan in 2002 in a helicoptor crash.  The Helge Boes Cup league semifinals will be played on Sunday December 7th (1 vs 4; 2 vs 3) and the championship match will be set for December 14th.   

Kamakaze Crew hold a narrow lead in the promotion race in the Saturday division, but La U is licking at their heels with a couple games in hand.

Lastly, the league is fully affiliated with the Maryland Soccer Association this year and Cup registrations are NOW OPEN through December 13th. For more information, please see the Maryland Soccer Association Cups page: http://marylandsoccer.com/cups.html for registration details.  As an Elite Amateur league recognized by the USASA, we encourage WPL teams to push for recognition beyond the greater DC area by participating in the Cups through State qualification.  


Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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