GOTW - Week 4 (5/01/16): Kamikaze Crew - 3 VS Fados Irish Pub Conquistadores - 1

Andy Reimer Scores a Brace as Crew Notch their 2nd Win

GOTW - Week 4 (5/01/16): Kamikaze Crew  - 3 VS Fados Irish Pub Conquistadores - 1

6:15 PM, Long Bridge Park #3 (Arlington, VA)

For the fourth WPL game of the week in the Spring 2016 season, rivals Fados Irish Pub/Consquistadores and Kamikaze Crew FC faced off at Long Bridge Park #3.  Both squads traded exchanges in the early going, but Fados was able to pull ahead about 17 minutes into the match when a seemingly innocuous corner kick  by Fados Steven Toupey evaded a challenging melee of players from both teams and saw the Crew keeper attempt to parry over the crossbar last minute only to have it redirect into the net.  Undeterred, the Crew struck only minutes later off a well challenged defensive effort from right midfielder Bobby Coffey to dispossess the Fados left back in his defensive third and then neatly playing a well-weighted ball across the six yard box for Ben Stephan, who clinically tucked it away for the equalizer.  Fados picked up a head of steam for the pursuing period of about five minutes, pressing ahead aggressively and rather directly.  At one point they made a searching effort down their left wing, breaking behind the defense to get on the end of a long pass. Their striker turned the corner confidently and touched around our sliding goal keeper at the top of the box. The Fados forward found himself in alone but only had an acute angle at which he placed a slow-rolling, angled effort towards the goalmouth. A bit more pace on the shot and it surely would have been 2-1 to Fados. Crew center back, Calvin Koch, never gave up on the play, however, tracking back 25 yards at full throttle in order to cover the broken effort behind the defense and clearing off the goal line just in time with a sliding effort.

After weathering a push from Fados after the equalizer, the Crew settled and had a few more strong opportunities within the first half, most of which were to no avail. Ben Stephan again found himself free behind the defense only to have his sizzling effort sting the cross bar. His teammate Andy Reimer  was up next with an exciting effort from distance - peeling away from the defense and drifting out to the right flank, catching a ball on the sideline, jinking the defender and narrowly missing the goal by inches on his long range effort over the Fados keeper who was standing above his six yard box. Reimer found himself in nearly the exact same position again around 35 minutes in to the half when he was on the receiving end of a perfectly weighted flick from strike-partner Lorenzo D'Agostino, who had checked inside on the half stripe and deftly flicked a one time ball up and over the Fados left back on a counter that started from our own backline. This time, however, Andy Reimer successfully caught the goal keeper who was off his line again and he made it count from 30 yards out, on an angle off the right touch line for the 2-1 margin which stood until halftime.

The second half saw both teams pushing hard but unable to capitalize on chances.  Andy Reimer again broke the deadlock in the second half off a beautiful play in the 65th minute.  Reimer received a nicely played ball from Tobi Yerokun off the right wing off his chest dead-center on the 18, tipped the ball up and over one challenging center back, and then unleashed a half-volley blast over the Fados goal keeper and into the net for the final score of the match.  With the final whistle the Crew notched their second victory of the season, sliding up to 5th place on the standings while Fados fell back to 8th place with their second loss.  Our GOTW for week#5 will see ASA Reds take on Soccerdome/ICC in a clash at Witter Field on Mother’s Day.  



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