WPL Rules of Competition

FIFA rules apply except as noted below.


  • Unlimited substitution is allowed during games at
    • All goal-kicks (either team possession);
    • Kick-Off; own possession throw-ins; or when opposing team is engaged in permissible substitution.
    • Player injury/referee discretion


  • Home team (listed first) provides game ball & changes jersey color if uniform conflicts with visiting team.


  • Teams must present referee a completed official team game roster prior to the beginning of the match. 
  • Failure of the home team at the home field to submit a roster complete with player name & jersey number to the match official at the game, will result in a 1 point deduction, regardless outcome of the match.
  • A player may not play for more than one WPL team within the same competitive division within/during the same season.  Teams using such players in a match are subject to forfeiture with the score recorded as 3-0.


  • All games have pre-Assigned referees.
  • Each team pays half referee fee before game.  Cost of referees (per team) is as follows: $70 per game paid in CASH OR CHECK prior to the match to the referees.
  • If referees fail to appear, each team is to provide a referee for one half each and game must be played.  If only 2 referees are available; payment is $50 per team.  If only 1 referee is present, payment is $40 per team.

Official Standings and Match Results, Standings:

  • Standings are determined by point total:
    • 3 points for win
    • 1 for tie
    • 0 for loss
  • At the end of regular season, in the event of a tie in total points, the tie breaker is "head-to-head" results, then goal against/differential.  If 3 or more teams are tied in points, the tiebreaker is head-to-head competition (total points obtained) from within just the tying group and if tied on points within tying group then goal’s against. 
  • In the case of a forfeited match at the field, the forfeiting team is subject to paying the entire referee game fee for BOTH squads.  Additional fees may be incurred by forfeiting team, including field costs. 
  • Match results stand once game enters into 2nd period of play.  Team using an illegal player or causing termination of play at any point during game are subject to a sanction of a forfeit; and a period of probation. 
  • A forfeit is scored 3-0.  In the case of a forfeit, or suspended/abandoned/incompleted match, the WPL determines official match outcome and results after an administrative investigation of the circumstances. 

Player discipline:

  • Red-carded players' incur a minimum one game suspension and sanctions carry over into the next league game and next season. 
  • Cumulative yellow cards (three over a season or two in one game) are equivalent to a red card and carry a one game suspension.
  • Disciplinary sanctions imposed on players will be reported to team management by the WPL.
  • Player assault incur a minimum 5-game suspension.


Game Scheduling:

  • The point of the WPL is to PLAY SOCCER and achieve the most competitive, highest level possible.  The league exist for the teams to play, and to play at their best, if at all objectively and administratively possible, league match forfeits are to be avoided. 
  • The WPL is responsible for all scheduling of matches and will be done in a manner consistent to promote fairness, full squad participation, highest competition amongst the WPL teams, the best fields available, with the most experienced senior officials available.
  • Scheduling and rescheduling of matches require WPL prior approval and then considerations of mutual team agreement and field and resource availability.  Rescheduling is subject to additional costs associated with field expenses and match official admin costs. 
  • Games must begin no later than 15 minutes after scheduled/posted KO time and each team must have at least 7 players dressed and on the field ready to start game; if a team is short players, the short team is subject to a forfeit.  Referees are to report these incidents to the WPL for determination of forfeit. 
  • Failure of the home team at home field to have a minimum 7 players dressed and ready to play within 15 minutes of scheduled KO time; and/or delay by the home team at the home field to be ready to start the game within 15 minutes of scheduled KO time will result in a 1 point deduction, regardless outcome of the match.
  • Games not made up by end of season are scored as a 0-0 tie.


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